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What is CEPHA?

CEPHA, or the Continuing Education Program in Hospital Administration, is a highly specialized and rigorous 12-month educational program that has been designed to equip administrative professionals working in member hospitals of the Kerala Private Hospitals Association with the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to excel in their roles. Developed in collaboration with the IMS Group of Institutions, the program aims to provide cutting-edge training and development opportunities that enable professionals to enhance their performance and stay abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices. The curriculum for the program is carefully crafted and regularly reviewed by industry experts to ensure that it is aligned with the evolving demands of the healthcare sector. With a focus on enhancing competency-based skills, the program covers a broad range of topics, including technology advancements, risk management, financial management, human resource management, and strategic planning.


CEPHA is proud to feature a faculty team composed of highly accomplished and respected industry professionals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the program. These experts serve as both teachers and advisory board members, working closely with participants to ensure that they receive the guidance and mentorship needed to excel in their careers. Overall, CEPHA represents an unparalleled opportunity for administrative professionals in the healthcare sector to advance their skills, broaden their knowledge, and make a meaningful impact on their organizations and patients.

Course Structure

The overall course is distributed to twelve disciplines; wherein, each discipline is focused on varied departments or administrative functions in the hospital. One discipline is comprised of one offline session and eleven online sessions, delivered in 12 months.

Who can attend CEPHA?

Professionals who are engaged with administrative functions in the hospital such as, HR, Operations, Office Administration, Quality, Front Office, Maintenance, Biomedical Engineering, Business Development, Marketing, Medical Records, Public Relations, etc.


Attendees of CEPHA will be awarded with Collaborative Certificate of KPHA and IMS along with IMS LTP certification for successful completion of the course. In addition, after successful course completion students shall also be guided for International Certificate Programs.

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