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Speaking Opportunities

By becoming our speaker, you would be amongst the top industry experts, innovators and influencers who have practical experience of over 15 years. Being a speaker at our events allows you to gain industry recognition and corporate publicity through our series of targeted marketing campaigns. You will also have the opportunity to raise your profile even further by sharing your story with the medias. Whether the audiences are healthcare peers, government bodies or even your clients, it would be an exceptional opportunity to be able to engage them in such supportive environment.

How to become a speaker of CEPHA?

Step 1

If you have a story to tell and think you can engage the audience for about 2 hours in the topic, please express your interest.

Step 2

You will share your profile briefing your credentials, experiences and achievements with us with an expression of interest letter.

Step 3

Our selection board will then shortlist the speaker based on your profile.

Speaking slots are limited! For speaking oppurtunities, please send your CV and topic of interest to

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