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#BridgetheGap is a pioneering initiative born out of the collaboration between IMS Group of Institutions and the Kerala Private Hospitals Association (KPHA). As the exclusive knowledge partner of KPHA for organizing and conducting Continuing Education Program in Hospital Administration (CEPHA) for hospitals across Kerala, IMS Group of Institutions takes immense pride in introducing this prestigious project.

The project is meticulously designed to address the critical need for enhancing healthcare services in Kerala, focusing on understanding the gaps in healthcare functions and elevating awareness and operations in quality and patient safety.

Mission and Objectives

The primary mission of #BridgetheGap is to foster a culture of excellence within healthcare organizations in Kerala. By identifying and addressing gaps in healthcare functions, the project aims to elevate the standards of quality and patient safety across the state.

The #BridgetheGap Approach

#BridgetheGap adopts a multi-faceted approach to achieve its objectives, combining the expertise of healthcare leaders in Kerala with the energy and enthusiasm of students of hospital administration from IMS Group of Institutions.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Impact and Outcomes

The impact of #BridgetheGap extends far beyond the duration of the project. By empowering healthcare organizations with the tools, knowledge, and resources to enhance their quality and patient safety standards, the project contributes to the overall improvement of healthcare services in Kerala.

Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction rates
Enhanced operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Strengthened organizational capacity and resilience
Cultivation of a culture of excellence


“During a two-month project with six students from IMS, we focused on conducting a comprehensive time and motion study across all departments, including Emergency, Outpatient, and Inpatient services. Through multiple shifts and three collaborative sessions, the students provided invaluable insights into patient handling practices, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement. Their recommendations led to significant corrections and realignments within our processes. This experience proved to be a profound learning opportunity for both the CEO and myself, uncovering previously unseen areas for enhancement and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within our organization."

Koshy Ancheril

Chief Human Resource Officer

Sunrise Group of Hospitals

Doctor and Patient

Join Us in Bridging Healthcare Excellence

#BridgetheGap invites all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to join hands in this noble endeavor. Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking to elevate your skills or a healthcare organization committed to delivering exceptional care, there is a place for you in our mission to bridge healthcare excellence in Kerala.

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